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Fair, neutral, and impartial. Mwokozi Mediations starts by listening. Hearing both sides and facilitating an environment conducive to reaching a Mediated Settlement Agreement, also known as an MSA. Mwokozi Mediations is here to facilitate your settlement so that you can “Know” your case outcome when you leave without a judgement being “shoved down your throat”. No need to worry about appeals since the mediated settlement is agreed to by both parties and settles the case on the spot. We ensure that the MSA is not only fair to both sides, but irrevocable in accordance with Texas state law. Book your mediation today below in the booking section or call.



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While the prospect and fact that being involved in any court proceedings are not necessarily a pleasant experience. The goal is to reach a fair and equitable outcome for all sides. An outcome that all sides have an opportunity to participate in crafting the end result, as opposed to going through the entire court process, and have a judgment forced on you that may not be as equitable fair, and might have some flaws that could be challenged on appeal, and further prolong the process, court, and attorney’s fees.

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Mediation Areas

We are able to mediate all areas of applicable law in the state of Texas.

Practice Areas

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Family Law

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Commercial Law

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Corporate Law

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Personal Injury Law

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Property Law

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Estate Law

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Mwokozi Taylor

A certified mediator in the state of Texas, that also carries the Texas family mediation certification. A graduate of Texas Southern University with a Juris Doctorate from Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Mwokozi has 10 years of experience in oil and gas. 10 years of commercial experience. With a law degree Mwokozi has the legal knowledge, and skills to assist in the settlement of cases including family-based issues.

An active mediator for the Harris County Dispute Resolution Center (DRC). With a track record for settling cases, avoid accumulating additional court cost, and have a judgment imposed on you. Know your case outcome when you leave.


Half-Day Mediation (Via Zoom) $400.00/Party

Full-Day Mediation (Via Zoom) $800.00/Party